Dr Theo Theodorus

Consultant at Princess Alexandra Hospital

    Dr. Theo Theodoros graduated from both pharmacy and medicine at the University of Queensland. Having completed an advanced training certificate in Adult Psychiatry, Theo has been working as a psychiatrist at the Princess Alexandra Hospital Inpatient Unit where he leads two dedicated psychosis teams. He has also commenced private practice work in Brisbane.  

    Concurrently holding medicine/psychiatry and pharmacy registrations, and working as both a psychiatrist and community pharmacist, Theo has continued to demonstrate an interest in neuropsychopharmacology and the Quality Use of Medicines.

    Theo has published research regarding antipsychotic polypharmacy, prescription of antipsychotic LAIs, and limbic encephalitis.

    Theo has also demonstrated a passion for digital healthcare and has been privileged to work as the mental health medical lead for the large-scale rollout of an ieMR (Integrated Electronic Medical Record) in the Metro South HHS (Hospital and Health Service). He has also continued to assist in supervising Quality Use of Medicines Pharmacy students; continues to work with Queensland Health to deliver enhancements to the ieMR to improve healthcare for patients with a severe mental illness; and has been actively involved in teaching medical students and intern doctors.”