Dr Bethany Boulton

Emergency Physician, Sunshine Coast Health

    Dr Boulton is an Emergency Medicine (FACEM) consultant at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, and co-founder of WRaPEM; Wellness, Resilience and Performance in Emergency Medicine. It is her passion to research, investigate and share information on self care, organisational change and compassionate leadership to ensure doctors are able to thrive in their workplace. She sits on the QEDSAP ED Workforce Wellbeing Group, locally the SCHHS Health4Life Steering Committee and in her own department holds the DEM Wellbeing Portfolio. When she is not travelling the world attending Physician Health conferences, she can be found using ingredients such as black beans and zucchini to create the perfect paleo brownie, much to the disgust of her two sugar loving children. Bethany dreams of living in a world where activewear bears no stigma and physicians thrive, not just survive. She will be sharing her insights on how we can work with our departments to improve wellbeing for all staff.